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Harry Turtledove hailed Island in the Sea of Time as “one of the best time travel/alternative history stories I’ve ever read,” and Jane Lindskold called Against the Tide of Years “another exciting and explosive tale.” Now the adventures of the Nantucket islanders lost in the time of the Bronze Age continues with On the Oceans of Eternity.             Ten years ago, the twentieth century and the Bronze Age were tossed together by a mysterious Event. In the decade since, the Republic of Nantucket has worked hard to create a new future for itself, using the technological know-how retained from modern times to explore and improve conditions for the inhabitants of the past.             Some of these peoples have become allies. Some have turned instead to the renegade Coast Guard officer William Walker. And for ten years, the two sides have tested each other, feinting and parrying, to decide who will be the ones to lead this brave new world into the future.             Now the official battle lines have been drawn. And only one side can emerge the victor…

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✓ Author(s):
✓ Title: On the Oceans of Eternity
✓ Rating : 4.5 from 5 stars (715 reviews)
✓ ISBN-10: 0451457803
✓ ISBN-13: 9780451457806
✓ Languange: English
✓ Format ebook: PDF, EPUB, Kindle, Audio, HTML and MOBI
✓ Supported Devices: Android, iOS, PC and Amazon Kindle

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Reader's opinions about On the Oceans of Eternity by S. M. Stirling

Jeneen Warner
Explore the philosophical underpinnings of modern society with this compelling examination of ethics and morality. The author delves into timeless questions about right and wrong, providing thought-provoking insights and arguments. With its clear reasoning and engaging prose, this book is an essential read for anyone interested in philosophy.
Marilynne Fleming
Immerse yourself in a gripping dystopian novel where a totalitarian regime controls every aspect of life. The protagonist's struggle for freedom and truth is both harrowing and inspiring, reflecting broader themes of power and resistance. With its intense plot and thought-provoking themes, this book is a compelling read.
Ronae Barker
This engaging history book takes readers on a journey through the pivotal events and figures that have shaped our world. The author brings history to life with vivid storytelling and insightful analysis, making the past feel immediate and relevant. With its comprehensive scope and engaging narrative, this book is a must-read for history enthusiasts.

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